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I’ve had a life long love affair with books. Cue everyone who knows me or who reads this rolling their eyes and thinking “really wouldn’t have guessed”. It evolved from Enid Blyton to the very grown up Danielle Steel’s that I buried myself in at 13 and now scorn at.. I’d happily chew my own arm off then struggle through the sickly pinkness. And with every year it kept going.

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The hardest thing about doing book reviews is knowing where to start. Books are personal, one persons page turner is another’s uphill trek. I’ve moved house a few times in the past few years and it never feels like home until “The Shelf” is once again taken out of boxes. A collection of my favourite books,the ones that make me mumble incoherent answers at my poor house mates because “I’m at a good bit” , or simply stick in my…

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