I Write Therefore I Am

December 15, 2012 — 31 Comments

Writing makes me happy. Simple as. It also regularly makes we want to bang my head off the table.

What makes someone a writer? It’s a pretty sweeping statement. Do you become a writer when you are officially paid to do it? Or is when when you first see your name in print? Maybe it’s simply something you are and not something you become. It’s the compelling urge to get your thoughts down whether you’re in the shower, running for the bus or lying in the darkness.

Don’t ask me about being a writer. lf when you wake up in the morning you can think of nothing but writing…then you’re a writer. – Rainer Marie Rilke

Nobody is forcing me to do it. I doubt anyone would be particularly bothered if I stopped… there’s one or two more blogs out there. And yet I have caught the bug, have experienced the satisfaction of people reading and liking what I write and the adrenaline hit that can only come from the ”publish’ button. Like I’ve just carelessly flung another piece of me out there, but the more I do it the less scary it gets, and I can’t seem to stop.


When I started to blog I was sitting repeat exams and stressed to my eyeballs. My friends were still in America and I needed a distraction ANY distraction from chemical mechanisms. Writing soothed my nerves and it was never supposed to be any more than that. Then I found myself falling in love with my own little speck on the blogosphere and felt the compelling urge to show someone who knew me inside out.

I met Laine when we moved in together four years ago ( yeeks) and we instantly clicked. I love her completely and trust her enough to be honest with me. She is also the one who presented me with a notebook on my 21st birthday with the message to “get on it” and start writing, ..thanks lady. So I sent her the link and she sent back some much needed encouragement .

I’ve always been at my best when I let go completely and write from the heart. When I’m hurting or exhausted or a painful experience is still raw, that’s when the words flow. Equally when I’m brimming over with happiness they tumble out of me falling over each other in a bid to scrawl across the page. To write, to really write, is to show the world a vulnerability and that’s an aspect I’ve always struggled with. I got an A1 in English in my Leaving Certificate and can guarantee  a lot of the reason for that was the anonymity of the correcter. I could let every barrier come crashing down and pour myself into the words.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

Before I ever hit publish I will invariably have sworn at the screen, abused the backspace button and stared blankly into space for a while. Yet time becomes irrelevant and when what I’m feeling suddenly clicks in my head and the thought has slipped through my fingers onto the page the feeling of satisfaction is oh so worth it.

Reading amazing books has lit a fire in me to produce something real, not to be afraid of seeing and writing life how it is. Books have enchanted and gripped me my entire life.  Hours can pass by where I am oblivious to the world around me and captivated by the one I’m in. If I’ve had a rough day or just need a check out from reality for a little bit I open a book.

If ever something I write allows someone else to do that, then I will consider myself a writer

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” 
― Anne Frank

31 responses to I Write Therefore I Am


    So how come you decided on a blog as your forum? Do you also write poetry or write short stories or long stories?


      I enjoy every aspect but I guess I was drawn to the interaction and feedback of blogging


        It’s sort of like stand-up comedy for me because you get a response right away and its more like a conversation than say writing a novel. Speaking of which check out my stand-up comedy on Youtube by searching Adam Schwartz and stand-up comedy


    I like that! Writing stimulates the mind and frees the soul from from the shackles of past mistakes.


    Brilliant post, I think writing is just the perfect way to just release all of that creativity within our minds onto paper/computer/any written format. It becomes addictive, wondering what your brain can devise next in the hope of entertaining others. Oh how selfless we are! Keep up the good work 🙂


      Thank You! Exactly, I’ve started bringing a notebook everywhere with me as I seem to get inspired at the most random moments 🙂


    I often wondered the same things about being a writer. Your opening sentence is true for me too! I also like how time doesn’t seem to matter when I’m trying to get something posted on my blog. Great post, and I enjoyed reading the quotes!


      Nice to know I’m not alone in those moments of sheer frustration. It’s crazy isn’t it, I always make a cup of tea before I start writing and every time I forget about it and it goes cold. I think it’s more of a ritual at this stage.


    And you my friend…..are a writer!! A great one, and am so glad I found your blog. Your words are always filled with so much meaning and come from the heart. When they touch someone else, it shows you are a writer. And you always do that!! 🙂


      Thank you for saying that! I love your blog too! It’s always nice to find someone whose at the same stage in life that loves to write as much as I do. To many more posts 😉

        A Dog With Fleas December 17, 2012 at 1:02 am

        Ah, thanks so much!! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write!! Cheers to your for many more posts too! 🙂


    My definition is: Anyone compelled to write is a writer. It doesn’t matter if they have ever seen a single thing in print or not. If they feel the need to do it, then it’s a part of them. It’s who they are.


    I love reading your blog, and I really think you have a ton of talent. So maybe you shouldn’t hit your head on the table so much… you’ve got this. LOL

    I write by accident to be honest. I never thought that I would keep writing for more than a couple days, I thought getting a blog was just a passing fancy. I was totally wrong. I love to do this! I’m glad that writing is putting a couple pieces of the big picture together for you. It keeps me focused on things in my life I’m working on. For whatever reason we write, it’s wonderful.

    And books are amazing, but I agree… we need more books about life as it is.


      I’ve started to get to know bloggers and it’s the feedback from ones who continue to read my stuff that I value the most. Thank you for that. It still amazes me that people like what I write!
      it does keep you focused on life doesn’t it. I love your blog I love that you aren’t afraid to tackle any issues and it so works for you.

      I think so too…I’m writing one about 4 girls in their twenties and keeping it real is so important to me.


    Writing for the sake of writing. That’s how it is. Nice post(as always). Keep it up!!


    I had my first article published when I was in High school. Year later saw my name on two books (both science, no fiction LOL). Currently I still write, mostly travel articles and I’m working on yet another book (on good manners, so again, no fiction).
    Do i consider myself a writer? Yes, of course.
    Writing makes me happy and characterizes me better than any personality trait. I love to write when I am in pain or just need to vent. Probably my best articles were written on long train rides… there’s something about a train ride that makes me concentrate on writing 🙂
    Keep it up!


    I’ve been writing poems and different articles since I was little. Much to my shame I can’t seem to write anything interesting or at least decent nowadays which upsets me quite a lot. Still, I do hold hope and don’t push my muse…I should tempt her with a glass of Angeli though. Yum~! I had a few attempts at blogging and I’m trying to grow out one at this very moment.
    The English Language can be quite the barrier sometimes as it’s not my default one and I’m a very insecure person but regardless, it’s better to not regret stuff, never writing for example.


    Love the Anne Frank quote. There is a cathartic release when you write your thoughts. Of all people, she would know. Keep on writing. BTG


    Nice post. Do you have anything on how to build your audience?


    Afraid that’s still an aspect on which I’m very much still clueless! I found taking the time to read and get to know other bloggers very helpful though.


    Reblogged this on The Arkside of Thought and commented:
    I like “I Write Therefore I Am” better than “Cogito Ergo Sum”. Take a look.


    I couldn’t have put it better myself!


    Just great – so honestly and especially so well written. For me (I can’t write very well, but love to read), without doubt a real writer! Keep it going and let the rest of us reading 🙂


    A writer is someone who writes. I think it really is that simple. That said, I disagree with Hemingway. Only an exceptional talent can write without edit, revision, edit. The first draft might be poured like liquid on to the page, but distillation must follow. Good luck with it! Your love of writing, and reading, is clearly genuine and the best place to start. Thanks for the follow….I look forward to reading more of your ramblings and rantings 🙂


    It is a beautiful thing to see someone enamored in their abilities and thoughts. Very interesting and intriguing to see these thoughts speak aloud. Also very lovely to read something pure, and inviting…you my friend are a writer, and thank you for your post


    I totally agree – a writer is who you are, it’s a passion that bubbles around inside that escapes in words on a page. Writing’s not a job but a necessity for a writer which brings enormous feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. Great to meet like-minded people.


    I can totally relate to the aggravating feeling you get from the writing process but when you are finally able to find the right words to accurately articulate your message-that high you get-there’s nothing like it and it makes it all worth it.

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