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Royal Boobs

September 19, 2012 — 4 Comments

You would want to have been living under a rock ( in a wifi-less area) for the past week not to have heard about Kate Middleton’s boobs. If you’re like me you will agree that she has a right to her privacy and what happened wasn’t on. I’d love to say I respected that privacy and kept away from Google but I couldn’t resit having a sneaky peak at the royal pair, which by the way are reassuringly normal!

Usually when the media fall head over heels for someone I am simultaneously growing sick to the teeth of them, but i like Kate and for the same reason everyone else does ..she’s human! She fell for a prince and lets face it fivehead aside  what girl wouldnt! You dont get to choose who you fall in love with, neither do you get to choose your in-laws ,which I bet she’s more than aware of.

Some cynics will say its the life she chose . I have enough belief in love left to say he my be 2nd in line to the throne but its the guy she chose not the title.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard of the couple referred to as a breathe of fresh air. To put it frankly they are the first  members of the royal family I’ve seen who arent afraid to enjoy life. Yet as soon as she dares to loosen up a bit and loosen her bikini top…some idiot thinks its okay to zoom in? Photographers or publishers should both have the self and professional limitations for all of us have the right to privacy and that includes the royal family.

She was on private property and I very much doubt whether she would have done it have she didnt have an ( unfounded) sense of security and privacy there. Give the girl a break…even royals have to deal with tan lines…

The queens ideal problem solver..